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Six Sigma Basics ‐ ANALYZE Part 4

By Drive, Inc. on Wednesday 17 October 2018.

In the previous issue in this series, we focused on the “M” in the DMAIC cycle for Six Sigma. We conveyed the processes and tools used to MEASURE the output performance of the process. This month, we will focus on the “A” in the DMAIC cycle, which is the ANALYZE phase. In this phase, we will develop theories of root causes, confirm those theories with data, and finally, determine the true root cause(s) of the problem. The true root cause(s) will form the basis for solutions in the next phase of the DMAIC cycle covered in our following issue, which is the IMPROVE phase. Many tools are used in the ANALYZE phase, so it would not be practical to cover all of them in a blog format. We will instead focus on three of the most important and effective tools used. These tools are Design of Experiments (DOE), Hypothesis Testing, and Regression Analysis.

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