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WHEN NORMAL IS UNACCEPTABLE On any given day, Carol would end her day by throwing away $1,200. As a team leader, she was responsible for tagging and documenting scrap that had been generated by her team that day. She followed a standardized process given to her by the Quality Assurance Department, so that all the material cost could be captured, and so that the scrapped product would not accidentally be used to make product. Carol’s team had used the same standards for years. They had come to accept $1,200 being placed in the dumpster as normal. Engineering, Quality, and Accounting had also accepted that the type of product that Carol’s team was assembling would always generate a certain percentage of scrap. $1200 dollars a day, you may be thinking that this is an isolated case. You may feel that your plant has cut its waste to the bare minimum already. You may be throwing away less than Carol, and therefore feel satisfied that you are eliminating all the waste that you can possible identify as a manager. Carol’s manager believed this too. Something was different for Carol, today. After attending only half of the eight hours of problem solving classes with LMSPI, Carol learned that she was the key to cost savings in the plant. In a short time, Carol already had the tools that gave her the ambition and confidence to find a creative solution to the scrap problem in her area. Carol was thinking about how to eliminate waste.
SHIFT TO THE NEW NORMAL Four days after she began the Core Problem Solving class, during the time Carol was supporting her team, she collected data and ran trials based on her findings. By the time Carol finished her eight hours of problem solving classes, she was able to present the root cause for the $1,200 of scrap generated by her team daily to the plant management team. She also presented the countermeasures, and the data documenting the improvements. In four days, scrap had gone from $1,200 a day to $0. The annualized savings was tracked and resulted in over $240,000 worth of scrap reduction, just in Carol’s team. Tomorrow will be better than today. Because Carol is learning to think differently using a standardized, structured Problem Solving method, this will not be an isolated incident for her. She will continue to see opportunities for savings in a way that only someone working on the line could. Many savings will be dramatic and immediate, but we will value even the small ones, because they will lead to amazing savings in the future, as the employee exercises their new problem-solving skills. They represent a shift in thinking toward the gathering momentum of continuous improvement. They represent an elevation in personal pride and personal ownership of a process.
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By Michael Lewis
Every business is faced with uncertainty and limited resources. Most companies have come to expect and accept dollar draining problems year after year. Unfortunately, most will overlook their most valuable resource – their employees – as a way to recover those dollars and achieve competitive advantages. In some companies, >90% of their employees are not contributing problem solutions. The employee that is just putting in their daily time, without being valued as a solution-generating resource, has a negative dollar impact. They, like Carol before her training, are not even looking for solutions. The person doing a job knows more about it than anyone else. Believe it.
Carol works for an LMSPI partner. We see similar bottom-line results at every partner company that has embraced the structured Core Problem Solving method. LMSPI is focused on results for our partners. The problem-solving workshop that Carol attended has been designed to create bottom-line improvements and cultural change in partner companies. When working with our clients, we are successful at creating thinking employees, out of formerly disengaged employees. The solutions that your employees can come up with if given the proper training, will astound you. This can happen at every level of the company, in every department. Our practitioners each have over twenty years of experience, in generating value at companies and teams that we partner with.
Are you ready to experience guaranteed results? Invest in your most valuable resource, your employees. Invest in problem-solving training. Can you afford to wait?
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