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By Drive, Inc. on Friday 15 January 2010.

Together, we have taken a dive into each step of the DMAIC Cycle for Six Sigma in order to address the value and form, fit and application in your environment. In the last publication, we focused on the “C” in the DMAIC Cycle. We discussed the processes and tools used to CONTROL the new process. In this issue, we will focus on the value of LEVERAGING our success. When LEVERAGING our improvements, we should consider many different aspects of the business. Don’t limit yourself to just your area. Below is a list of most commonly seen areas that may benefit from LEVERAGE: 1. Material Lots 6. Products 2. Part Types 7. Departments 3. Areas within a Department 8. Product Families 4. Machines 9. Divisions 5. Processes 10. Regions 11. Plants

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