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Ronald Fensterman, Enterprise Excellence Consultant, is an end-to-end supply chain consultant with over 25 years of experience. He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Missouri – Rolla, a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt certification from Sigma Breakthrough Transformation Innovation (SBTI) and journeymen level training in Shainin ® Red-X from General Motors. Ronald has 25 years of experience across a wide spectrum of industries in both high volume and low volume/highly engineered product lines. His experience includes automotive/hvac/petroleum-based continuous flow/consumer health & pharmaceuticals among other component manufacturing. He has led small/medium level companies and site/regional/global level transformations of multiple fortune 500 companies from Strategy Development to Program Deployment. Ronald has taught/coached over 2000 Black Belts/transformation leaders from CEOs to Process Implementers. He moves freely from the board room to transactional “back office” to the manufacturing floor. Ronald has a proven track record of problem-solving and has worked in 6 countries including the emerging markets of India and China. He resides in Hamburg Michigan.