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Teachers at the Top

By Drive, Inc. on Wednesday 15 October 2014.

The spirit of a teacher should be at the heart of every great leader. Every one of us may be able to recall that certain someone in our lives, personally or professionally, who poured into our lives and helped us become the persons we are today. With that being said, if we have people in leadership roles who can’t teach, we cannot expect them to develop their people well. We must have leaders who understand our principles and philosophies and TEACH those principles and philosophies to others. One of the most long living legacies we can achieve is passing on our knowledge to those we teach. Teaching is a huge responsibility since, as teachers, our stance must be to understand that if the student hasn’t learned, then the teacher hasn’t taught. It is our responsibility to ensure learning happens. That is not the role of those being taught. We must promote teachers, not those leaders who get results based on pure brute force. Teachers ensure that we are spreading our knowledge and becoming more of a learning organization.

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