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Six Sigma Basics ‐ The Improve Phase Part 5

By Drive, Inc. on Friday 16 November 2018.

In our previous issue, we focused on the “A” in the DMAIC cycle for Six Sigma. We laid out the processes and tools used to ANALYZE the output performance of the process. In this issue, we will focus on the “I” in the DMAIC cycle, which is the IMPROVE phase. In this phase, we should now be ready to develop, implement, and evaluate solutions targeted at our VERIFIED cause. The goal is to demonstrate with data that our solutions solve the problem and lead to an improvement. We must VERIFY the effectiveness of the solution. Failing to VERIFY the effectiveness of the solution will lead to false hope and busy-work trying to maintain the improvement. The first step in the IMPROVE phase is to test our solutions in the real world. This must be done on a small level to ensure the solution is correct. We are often pushed to implement the solution across the entire process or product line. This is not the best method of implementation. Be sure to follow the Plan, Try, Reflect and Standardize (PTRS) cycle during implementation.

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