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Continuous Improvement - Part 2

By Drive, Inc. on Tuesday 15 July 2014.

In Part 1 of the series we discussed what we consider the “secret sauce”-- having a spirit of improving the business continually. As mentioned in last month’s newsletter, the first enemy to a successful work flow is Muda, commonly known as the eight forms of waste. We should have our teams constantly focused on reducing or eliminating waste in all of our processes.

Continuous Improvement - Part 1

By Drive, Inc. on Tuesday 15 July 2014.

Have you ever heard the phrase “secret sauce?” Secret sauce is not actually a secret; it actually implies having a solid spirit of continuous improvement at all levels of the company. Continuous Improvement (CI) suggests everyone is unified in thinking about how to improve the business incrementally and continuously. Some of the best businesses have found the secret sauce, and in most cases those businesses have a perpetual improvement engine. To leverage this new understanding, there must be a constancy of purpose when thinking about CI. This constancy of purpose is pushing toward perfection. The concept of absolute perfection is referred to as True North. True North is a notion of perfection. True North is thermodynamically impossible (2nd law of thermodynamics), so when explaining this concept to a team, it must be understood that True North is not a destination; it is a compass heading. The act of continually pressing toward True North will ensure that the team never rests on its laurels, but pushes forward to new frontiers and improvements. There are two types of improvement: Innovative and Continuous.

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