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Get the Right People on the Team

By Drive, Inc. on Friday 15 August 2014.

Leadership can only be exercised by an individual or a team of individuals who has a vision and the ability to motivate others to execute that vision. If one has leaders unable to do both, one needs to address this immediately. When one has successfully selected and developed the right people for his/her staff, the staff should all be able to leave and become world-class consultants in the function in which each staff member leads. To ensure our target culture stays intact as we grow, we must promote from within as much as possible. This will require formal succession planning for key positions. We don’t want those in our succession to plan to leave, so we need to ensure they are compensated according to the value they provide the business. Our HR processes (including promotions, reviews, and bonuses) must be aligned with this new way of thinking. If we say one thing and incentivize another, we will get what we incentivize. The following is an approach to ensuring we have the “right people” on our team.

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