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Dealing with the Current Team

By Drive, Inc. on Tuesday 16 September 2014.

Is there a sense of commitment to each other among your staff members? If asked, would each member of your staff identify the staff as his or her first team, or would the department over which they manage be your staff member’s first choice? In most cases, the answer will be the latter. Managers see the functions over which they manage as their team. The managers hire and mentor their people, and the managers’ direct reports tend to be the ones the managers spend most of their time with at the office. Consider this possibility when a manager keeps an office with his or her team rather than keeping an office with the staff. This separation typically occurs when the staff hasn’t achieved commitment to the direction of the business. The staff doesn’t have a shared sense of purpose to drive a higher level strategy. With the lack of a shared sense of purpose, the manager will seek to optimize the function.

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