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Training Within Industry - Part 2

In last month’s blog, we went into great detail on the different elements of TWI, including:

  • Job Instructions (JI)
  • Job Methods (JM)
  • Job Relations (JR)

In this month’s blog, we wanted to give you a case study of how TWI can impact your processes.


The company: A manufacturer of high-end entertainment, auditorium and stadium lighting systems.

The manufacturing process: Complex assembly of large volume/SKU of electro-mechanical devices, all to a high precision.

The method: U Shaped, one piece flow work cells, all multiple SKU assembly with highspeed part changeovers.

The work cells: Each work cell has between 8 and 12 work stations, each equipped with small power tools, and hand assembly. Some jigs are used to position parts. All parts are a presentation on removable carts that overlay the workbench from behind. Parts changeovers for new SKU assembly take seconds.

The changeovers: Several changeovers happen each day. There are new SKU standard assembly charts on all parts carts.

The Employees: All employees are cross-trained in each work cell. Some employees have multiple cell assembly skills.

Quality: All work stations have complex documented assembly operating standards that are attached to each cart and are always open to the operator for reference.

The challenge: Get every operator to perform the correct assembly procedure for each sub-assembly or component assembly without error.

The process: Lots of training combined with a regular recognition system that rewards those with minimal errors and reworks. Each week errors are measured. There is little chance for any errors to slip through because the lines have Jidoka / Poka Yoke built in.

A regular winner is Frank T, an assembly operator on a complex sub-assembly line whose position station has up to 15 parts to assemble…

….And Frank is completely blind.

He works to the standard cycle time. That’s how good the standards must be.

The best time to start a TWI program is now. All one has to do is take the first step. Below is our training reference card for TWI. Feel free to use it in your company.

Do you have standards and training to the point where a blind person can meet your quality standards? Are you struggling with getting new employees trained quickly? Drive can help. We have a team of proven experts in improving business performance. We offer executive coaching, as well as a 200% risk-free guarantee on implementation work. For a noobligation introduction meeting, please contact Paul Eakle at or 865-323-3491.

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