Transforming Manufacturers

into Lean Enterprises

Continuous Improvement

  • Getting close to the process can be dirty work
  • Getting finger tip close to the process
  • Harold coaching on equipment maintenance practices
  • Implementing projects and leading teams
  • Speaking at global conference on strategic alignment
  • Leading managers and teams to the problem areas for 5 Whys Exercise
  • Teaching engineering entrepreneurship to UT grad students
  • Enterprise wide Value Stream Analysis with execs
  • Aligning to TPM principles before going to the gemba
  1. Create a regular cadence of Value Stream Analysis (VSA) - quarterly to annually
  2. Create a regular cadence of Strategic Improvement Planning (Hoshin Kanri) - annually
  3. Instill Leader Standard Work (LSW)
  4. Monitor results using Check/Reflect/Adjust (CRA) - monthly to quarterly