Transforming Manufacturers

into Lean Enterprises

Creating Stability

  • Getting close to the process can be dirty work
  • Getting finger tip close to the process
  • Harold coaching on equipment maintenance practices
  • Implementing projects and leading teams
  • Speaking at global conference on strategic alignment
  • Leading managers and teams to the problem areas for 5 Whys Exercise
  • Teaching engineering entrepreneurship to UT grad students
  • Enterprise wide Value Stream Analysis with execs
  • Aligning to TPM principles before going to the gemba

Statistical Problem Solving (Six sigma) – Do you have a long-standing process problem that nobody has been able to resolve? Let our expert problem solvers work for you! They combine years of experience in six-sigma to quickly resolve issues that have been plaguing companies for years.

Error-Proofing (poka-yoke) – Do you have quality problems caused by “operator error?” Let us install error-proofing devices on your equipment that make it impossible to make the source defect. This workshop can dramatically reduce both your internal and external defect rates.

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)/ Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) – Do you suffer from inordinate amounts of downtime? Do you work weekends on particular equipment because it is being repaired during the week? This workshop standardizes maintenance work and shares it with the operators that run the equipment daily. We boast an average of 30% uptime improvement on equipment selected for this activity.

Constraint Process Kaizen (Theory of Constraints) – Do you have processes that are considered the value stream constraint? We utilize the 4M process to quickly identify constraint causes and then remove them. We have helped clients avoid capital purchases and increase capacity, effectively moving the constraint to the market.

Inventory Control Workshop – Do you run out of material that your system says you have? Do you have trouble locating components, batches, or even finished goods? Do you reserve money in a budget to offset losses to your annual physical inventory? This workshop creates processes and systems that make inventory losses a thing of the past.

Problem Response and Escalation (Managing Daily Improvement) – Are the same problems occurring over and over again? Is there a standardized process for identifying and solving problems? This activity creates a structure to visually manage problems and ensure the identification of root causes.

Practical Problem Solving – Is everyone in the organization an effective problem solver? Is there a structured methodology for solving problems? We teach all levels of the organization a standardized approach for problem solving. This methodology has transformed companies into successful learning organizations.